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About Tippyr

What do we mean by tip

A tip on Tippyr is a small piece of information which may be of practical use to someone else. Each tip is up to 200 characters long and can be about absolutely anything, so long as it does not break the Acceptable Use Policy.

Why share your tip

We at Tippyr believe in the altruistic nature of mankind - the ability of people to give to others freely without expecting something directly in return. We also believe that many of us have tips to share but either can't be bothered or don't have an easy way to share them.

But if you shared your tips with others, you could without even realising it, change the lives of not just one, but many people. Tippyr provides a quick and simple way for people to share their tips anonymously, without revealing or promoting their identity.

Tippyr is for everyone

Some of us want to share tips with others and would be happy to post them wherever and whenever we think of them. Others don't want to post, but love to see what tips are being posted whether out of curiosity, or perhaps because they are searching for a tip on something useful to them.

Why have we created Tippyr

To provide a single global site for people to share their tips to help their earthly companions. Although there are plenty of websites about specialist areas which have forums for people to share their experiences and advice, they are often competing with others and usually contain many comments which can make it all time consuming to find and digest. In addition, as the internet grows each and every day, there are more and more places to look.

Tippyr seeks to address this by providing a single source dedicated to tips at it's core, not as a sideline, and because each tip is no more than 200 characters long and free of comments, you can browse them quickly or even search for tips of interest. We think this gives you a quicker, relevant and targeted way of finding useful tips, all in one place, about anything - and we hope you will too!

We can hear you saying "but I just use a popular search engine if I need to find a tip". The problem is that most popular search engines only index between 50%-75% of the publicly available contents on the world wide web, so they are potentially missing up to half the internet.

It's anonymous

Tippyr provides a quick and simple way for people to share their tips anonymously, without revealing or promoting their identity.

We strongly believe in respecting user privacy, and also want to discourage people misrepresenting other identities.

Tippyr is global

Tippyr is striving to create a global community where people in different parts of the world can share tips which can be of use to people in other countries and continents. As you'll see we place a flag with each tip showing which country the tip was posted from.

Mobile Use

Tippyr is available on your mobile device using either our mobile web versions or free apps. Visit the mobile link on your mobile device.

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